Over 40 HTML5 Simulations Available on www.simbucket.com!

Physics, chemistry, and biology teachers, check out our new(ish) simulation site – www.simbucket.com!

Two years ago we started creating HTML5 simulations so that our students could run them on their school-issued iPads or cell phones.  Last December we decided to create a free website so that students all over the world could access our original simulations.  We create a new simulation every few weeks, so be sure to check back often or subscribe to the site for new simulations.

Status of Step2Step Physics – Mechanics for the iPad

It is with a heavy heart that we had to pull the plug on “Step2Step Physics – Mechanics” for the iPad.  Step2Step Physics was our flagship product since 2012, and we loved using it in the classroom with our own students.  Unfortunately, iOS 9 made some changes that resulted in over 3000 errors and warnings in the source code.  The app became almost completely nonfunctional with the iOS update.  We tried to fix the code in version 1.6, but found that our best efforts weren’t enough to make the app usable again.  We then made the decision to pull Step2Step from the iTunes App Store.

Who knows.  Someday we might try to rebuild Step2Step from scratch.  For now we are busy creating new HTML5 simulations on www.simbucket.com and refining our new free website, www.quizevolved.com.  Stay tuned for more on those!


The Nerd Island Studios, LLC Development Team